The Healthcare Industry is lacking a HIPAA-compliant referral system and the ADA is starting to notice. These articles discuss the best ways to evolve with the changing industry and continually ethically manage our practices.

Closing-the-loop for clinical referrals improves patient safety and satisfaction, as well as clinical care coordination.

Author: American College of Physicians

Closed Loop Referral: A Statewide Solution To Support Our Community

Author: New Hampshire CPAS- Collaboration, Performance, and Analytics Systems

More Care: The Interprofessional Oral Health Referral

Author: DentaQuest

Closing the Referral Loop: Receipt of Specialist Report

Author: The Quality Payment Program

Promoting Oral Health in Primary Care

Author: Abiye Y. Okah, MD; Mamta Reddy, MD, MBOE; Kristi Williams, MD; Nasreen Talib, MD; Robin Onikul, DDS